You may get to know a lot of kitchen suppliers in Dubai but you have to get the accessories vigilantly so that you will get the best items in less possible amount. You can start your career with providing your services to the relatives and friends and then you can use that knowledge as the experience in your portfolio and it will help you in getting more clines in future. You need to go with the area of your interest like if you have interest in the Italian kitchens Dubai then go for that kind of kitchens and make sure that people will get aware of your expertise through your work. There is no need to start with a lot of investment but you just have to get an office and decorate it slightly, then hire some of the workers and you are good to start your business. Once you get any order then you have to get the half payment earlier and you can buy good with that amount and the remaining half will be your commission. With the help of following things you can stand out of all the other designers in your area:

Ideas: You have to provide a lot of ideas to the people who came to you for hiring your services and they should get satisfied with your work. If they feel unhappy then they will not give you the order and also they will tell others about your non-competency too. You have to give your customers the facility to get their ideas from them and then polishing their ideas in to something which is easily workable and beneficial for the kitchen of your clients.

Time: You need to set a particular time with your clients and then make sure you do the work within that time. If you fail to do so with your first or second clients then you will get a bad reputation of not completing your work on time and it will ruin your career. You need to set the time after looking at the entire work to be done and when you estimate that the work will complete in 20 days then you need to give more than this expected time to your client. You need to provide before the expected date and get the god reviews from your clients.