You will get a lot of guides on the internet which will help you in packing your stuff while you need to move from one place to other and you can check all of them before you actually act upon any of these. You will see a lot of helping material there and a better way is to make the list of all those things and then think about them that how you can use them in your situation. You can also take the help of international movers to get the guidance about the packing for international journey and also you can get the help of any local moving company in Dubai and see what they will tell you about protection of your stuff while moving out. Here is a small guide for beginners to see:

You have to secure all of your fragile items carefully with the help of different things which are available to you. You can use newspaper or you can use the bubble wrap for this purpose. The best and more reliable thing is the bubble wrap as it will help your fragile items to be safe from any kind of shocks. When they do not get any shock then they will not get damaged during the journey. You can also mark these boxes as fragile so that people who are shifting them will know about it and then they will handle them with care.

There are different kinds of boxes are available in the market which you can use. Some of them are really very strong yet expensive and some of them are good to use and reasonable. You can get the second one as they are more budget friendly when you have to move a lot of stuff. There is another kind of boxes is available which are of clear type and you can see through them easily. Some people are saying that these should be used for fragile items so that they will be visible and then handled carefully but they are not very strong in nature so they can be broken from downside when lifted up and fragile items will be broken so you need to use them for other things which you will need immediately after moving to another house. They will include toiletry like tooth paste, brush, comb lotion etc.