Computers have become essential parts of our home. The first computer ever invented was of the size of a room and now it is as small as the size of your hand. Technology is a wonder in itself. The large size computers used only in big corporations gradually become a part of homes as its size got a reduction. A computer used to have a separate Central processing unit (CPU), a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and printer, and now with the advent in technology you have everything in a form of a laptop that you can easily carry around or a mobile phone has become a necessity these days. Except for a printer, there is nothing that an old computer and a laptop do not. The only printer is a thing that you have to buy separately in case of need.

Printers are devices that convert a softcopy into a hard copy whether it is a photograph or a document. Printers are of 3 types – laser printers, ink-jets, dot-matrix, and multifunctional printers. Printers can be used for personal uses like printing photographs or assignments or other personal documents. They are used in offices as well to print various kinds of documents. Apart from these, a lot of people can start their own business like print shops inside educational institutes are of great importance as students have a lot of stuff that they need to print or even term papers are get printed in these shops.

Printers are easily available these days. There are a lot of hardware shops where you can go and but a printer. Xerox printers are affordable and provide the best quality. If you are a resident of Dubai, then you must buy Xerox printers in Dubai at an affordable price. Ricoh printer service in Dubai also offers high-quality printers at affordable rates.

Many people do not buy printers or photocopier machines because they think they do not need it that much but once you buy a printer, your life gets easy. It is really important these days for educational purposes. The heavy course books are really expensive to buy in every semester and often teachers require you to buy more than one book which can be unaffordable so instead of buying books you can download Pdf versions of the chapter or topic you need and print it out. It will be less costly and you can have a variety of notes to learn from.