Immigration to other countries is beneficial for people in several ways as they get a better future but there are some drawbacks attached to it as well. It is one of the main causes of overpopulation. People immigrate to wealthy nations which is good for them but the resources that the country has might not be enough for the immigrants hence, quality of life is compromised.

Transmission of the disease is common through immigrants because legal immigrants do get scanned before entering the country, however, a lot of diseases spread through illegal immigration. Illegal migration is responsible for disease transmission in a lot of countries.

Immigrants may take jobs with lower wages which can be an issue because the more the immigrants agree to take jobs with a lower wage, the harder it is for a native to get a job. The currency of a developed nation when sent back home can be enough to feed the whole family but for a native, it is hard to make ends meet with a lesser wage.

A lot of natives do not welcome immigrants which causes chaos in society and the crime rate increases. Even though immigrants are not directly responsible for it but they are somehow the reason for the increase in crime rate if local people do not accept them in their countries.

Many people migrate to get a better education and healthcare and these services must be offered to them but there is no guarantee that these immigrants will stay and contribute to the growth of the community which means the investments being made may never earn dividends.

One of the main disadvantages of immigration is that the country people migrate from loses an opportunity to advance because usually, people who immigrate are hardworking and bright individuals who migrate in hopes of creating a better future for them. If they stay in their own country and work towards its betterment then that country might excel so immigration is, in a way, a drawback or such countries who needs better people.

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