Keeping ourselves hydrated is the most important thing. There are different researches done by different health experts from around the world that if a person goes three days without food, they will survive on the fourth day and if a person goes three days without water, they will die. But there are some health experts who say that if your food has even one percent of the water then you have more chances of survival. But again, there are many debates done on this topic and that is also a discussion for another topic. The beverage industry is more than a trillion dollars industry and it keeps growing more and more with each passing year.

There are many investors and huge business people who have made a massive fortune by investing in the beverage distribution company. This is another stable business one of many businesses that did not stop due to the corona virus and that is why some people also invested much money in Lavazza in Dubai.

If you want to make instant money then we suggest that you also put your money in line of beverage distribution. But know that this business requires a lot of money and planning and PR as well and it is not easy to do but the return of income is good. And if you want open this business now and you want to know more about it then we suggest that you read some of our findings and facts about beverages;

  • Gin: we all are familiar with this alcoholic drink and some who don’t know, well, now you know. The gin is so strong that if you drink it without flavor, you can damage your neck internally and that is why the gin comes in flavors and it comes in flavors of Juniper berries.
  • Beer: you will be shocked to know that beer is the third most popular beverage in the world and the second is tea and the first is water.
  • Original Champagne: the original champagne is white one and that is made up of a grape called Chardonnay and this grape white is the only champagne in the world that requires an AOC to make it. AOC stands for Appellation D’originie Controlee.
  • Original name of Cappuccino: the original name of cappuccino is Capuchin Friars.