Having classy and big and fancy cars is a dream of everyone, well at least that is the dream of every car lover. There are many of us who like cars that have the presidential look but they are darn expensive.

But there is a solution, if you want one like we mentioned and in cheaper than the original presidential car, then we suggest that you buy the Chevrolet car from the best Chevrolet garage and GMC service.

You must be wondering that why we suggested this one, well, there are many benefits of buying one and one of many facts is that these cars are big and super durable. If you buy one car of this company, you can fit enough people of a clan and it can last for many years and the best part is that it requires very less maintenance.

If you are now interested in buying then we want to tell you some amazing facts about this company and that will make you buy it even more, so, keep reading to find more;

  1. It is an American company which was founded in November 3, 1911 which means that this company has completed it one hundred years.
  2. Its headquarters is in Detroit and Michigan.
  3. It has a parent org which name is General Motors.
  4. Its founders are;
  5. Louis Chevrolet
  6. William C Durant
  7. Samuel McLaughlin
  8. Edwin R
  9. Campbell
  10. William Little.
  11. If you are wondering that where else it operates then you will be glad to know that it operates in different parts of the world that include;
  12. USA
  13. Brazil
  14. Canada
  15. UAE
  16. Argentina
  17. Mexico
  18. China
  19. South Korea
  20. India and others.
  21. Chevy always keep themselves updated and that is why their Camaro is the most famous car the gulf countries and, in the whole world as well and recently they have started to manufacture the off road cars as well.
  22. Chevy has won many awards but their ever desired award was to win the north American best car of the year award and which they did win in 1965.
  23. Their best ever family car and SUV was said to be the Chevrolet Blazer K and it got many sales.