During my experience, I have noticed that three key models or strategies of decision making can be used to support you in making the decision.

Let’s see what these categories mean and then I will discuss a particular model you might use.

You prefer to collect data, analyze scenarios carefully, and make logical judgments on a specific matter, whether you follow the realistic or logical models of decision-making. As much research as possible will be done, and little will be left to chance. For individuals in managerial positions, this is the chosen decision-making process.

Intuitive decision-making does not include numbers and evidence, but rather your intuitive feeling. While this approach does not inevitably lead to tragedy, it must never be alone in the decision-making process, because of the gut or instinct. It is easier to make the correct decision by using previous perspectives, observations, and statistics together.

The predisposed approach is perhaps the most divisive paradigm for decision-making. Here you can make a fast decision based on your interests and beliefs and will work to locate the evidence that backs up what you want to do, whether or not your decision is correct. You prefer to disregard vital details only because it doesn’t help your agenda.

In most situations, because we’re curious about others, we can’t make the right decision.

When you think about promoting an executive, you can guess other possible applicants and how much they will add to the agency. Or, if you have to select a new product’s marketing strategy, you can devise about a half-dozen proposals and see one of them give the business.

That is why it is so difficult for some leaders to decide because they fear the wrong decision will balance the well-being of the business. If you need to pick whether or not to participate in a bold new project, you are likely to sit on a list of advantages and drawbacks at night.

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