E-cigarettes are getting common nowadays. Due to the tough routines of parents because of office work and work-life balance, they cannot eye on their children which can put them and their stars in children. If you are a parent of teen kids or adolescents, then scroll down and read some disadvantages of e-cigarettes to keep kids away from them.

  • The solution of e-cigarette has carcinogens, di-ethylene glycol, and propylene glycol that can cause cancer.
  • They have nicotine, an addictive chemical. Nicotine affects the development of the brain negatively. The chemical can halt mental growth if it is consumed excessively.
  • Although researchers and manufacturers say that it helps to quit smoking, an e-cigarette has a high concentration of nicotine and other chemicals that make a person addicted to the device.
  • The devices have batteries which can explode and cause injuries if you would use or charge it for a longer time. According to the news story of The Washington Post, the device burned 80 per cent of the body of the user because he was using an e-cigarette for a long time.
  • It is dangerous for growing lungs to vape e-cigarettes.
  • E-cigarettes have several short-term health effects which include dizziness and light-headed. However, the researchers are studying its long-term health effects. Therefore, parents are advised not to let their kids and adolescents buy or use such devices.
  • Parents are advised to see and know what their children are doing if they have e-cigarettes because the hardware can be used to vape weeds, dry herbs, oils and marijuana.
  • US Food and Drug Administration has not approved e-cigarettes and pods yet. Therefore, the amount of nicotine and carcinogens vary between brands but it is better not to talk about vapour and vaping at home to keep them away from e-juices.
  • Majority of the brands sell flavoured e-juices to attract youngsters and kids. These flavours make them addicted to e-cigarettes and then incline them to smoke typical cigarettes.
  • The devices are illegal to buy before age 18 but children and youngsters can buy it online. The owner or manager of online would not ask the buyer about his or her age. Besides, the search engine guides them where to buy vape in Saudi Arabia online easily.
  • Small children can die of the consumption of a small amount of nicotine. A teaspoon of nicotine can cause death.
  • The chemicals inside e-cigarettes can poison youngsters and small children if they would swallow them or touch them.     

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