Portugal is a southern European country and its location on the Atlantic ocean has a deep affect on the fish called salt cod and that is why they make the best sardines and they love it so much that it has become a national dish which is called the grilled sardines.

Its heritage includes the Algarve beaches and the architectures on it because they are said to be dated back from 1500s to 1800s. its capital is Lisbon and they use the euro currency and their language is Mirandese.

Travelling is an easy thing for some and a difficult thing for many. If you are a sharp and clever person then travelling for is easy and you will be dodging many scammers and fraudsters and you will know that how to save money.

And if you are not a clever and you are an innocent person then you are more likely to become a target of all kinds of scammers and fraudsters and people will be looting money from you. for example, you by a shirt and the vendor says that it is 20 euro whereas, it must have been of 10 euros or less.

So, we need some pro tips to get to know the country that we are travelling for the first time. Since we cannot watch the long vlog videos but you have the option to read a good post that has given the pro tips about travelling to Portugal and getting the Portugal residency by investment or investment in Turkey for citizenship, so, keep reading to know more;

Try to avoid the extreme months: if you have plans to travel in July and August, then it is best that you make plans before July or after August because these months are the busiest and the hottest weathers. It is best that you travel to Portugal in these days.

Google maps will be your new best friends: no matter how good the taxi driver seems, before hiring one, make sure that you open google maps and enter the location of the place you want to go because the drivers will take you from long routes and then charge a lot.

Get the tourist card: there is a thing called tourist card and it give you many discounts by just showing it but make sure to carry the passport with you.