What Are the Treatments Offered by a Relationship Therapist?

If your partner is abusive, you may wonder what your therapist will do to help you understand their bad behavior. Some abusive behaviors include name-calling, shaming, manipulation, and anger. In such situations, the therapist will often fail to understand why the partner acts in this way. It can be hard for a partner to separate the behaviors of an abusive partner from normal patterns. In such cases, relationship therapists should refrain from making judgments about their clients.

Behavioral and cognitive behavioral therapy:

A couple is going through some relationship problems because their partner has acted distant or forgot to do household chores. Their therapist helps them develop a plan for how to handle the situation. They will set a goal to spend more time talking during the weekends and ask each other what is on their minds. They will also learn to use other interpretations of their partner’s behavior.

Psychoanalytic therapy:

Psychoanalytic therapy can help people overcome their relationship problems. People with anaclitic personality traits often find themselves overly devoted to their partner and lack a sense of their inner kernel. These patients frequently seek approval from others and feel inflated self-esteem. In psychoanalysis, they can learn to manage their expectations and achieve a greater sense of self-awareness. Once the patient learns to recognize and accept her feelings, she will find it easier to enjoy the company of others.

Discernment counseling:

Couples who are unhappy in their relationship may benefit from Discernment Counseling. This form of therapy encourages couples to examine their relationship’s problems and the possible solutions. The therapist remains neutral and does not assume that the couple is ready to work on their relationship. The sessions are designed to address specific issues affecting their relationship and will help them understand their roles in the relationship. The therapist will help couples find ways to improve their relationship without imposing a solution or trying to change their spouse’s mind.

Individual therapy:

If you’re experiencing symptoms of a strained relationship, individual therapy can help you find a way to change your behavior. Individual therapy is psychotherapy where you meet with a therapist weekly to learn how to make positive changes. Your therapist will work with you to help you change the way you think and feel to improve your relationship. In some cases, individual therapy is the best option for couples experiencing problems in their relationship.