What to See in a Wedding Florist Before Hiring Them

When hiring a florist for wedding flowers in Dubai, there are several things you should look for. These things include experience, public liability insurance, and a portfolio. While they are important, you should also focus on the overall vibe of the wedding and the mood you want for your special day. Lastly, it would help if you chose a designer you truly adore, as this will allow you to enjoy your wedding day as much as possible. Here are some tips to make the decision easier:


When comparing wedding florists, it’s important to review their portfolios to see what kinds of designs they have. Although some wedding florists may use stock images from their website, a good portfolio should always include images that the floral designer has authentically created. This will give clients a realistic idea of what they can expect for their wedding. Also, looking at the floral designer’s portfolio can help you narrow down the choices based on your aesthetic preferences.

Public liability insurance:

While a wedding florist often provides beautiful arrangements, he should also have public liability insurance. Public liability insurance protects you from lawsuits and other expenses if you’re held responsible for an accident. In the event of an injury, you’ll be compensated for your legal fees and the value of your property. It also covers the costs of buying replacement wedding flowers or a new cake.

Although public liability insurance isn’t necessary for every florist, it is highly recommended for all businesses, including wedding florists. This insurance covers losses resulting from an accident with a client, a vendor, or the public. If a fallen rose injures a customer, the florist may be sued for damages. If an employee damages another person’s property while creating a bouquet, it can be a lawsuit against the florist.


It would help if you asked a florist about their experience and their pricing structure. Some will offer all-inclusive packages, while others will give you a quote based on your flower needs. Ask about their pricing and what they will do for you on your wedding day. Additionally, ask if they can provide you with an estimate of what you should budget for flowers and how much of the design work they will be doing. You can also ask about their experience, work style, and whether they provide additional services.